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How to make money with your music!

Making Money With Your Music: Sales and Promotion
March 17 – May 12, 2015  (8 weeks) Tuesdays 7-9pm$169.00Not a credit course
Harper College, Palatine, IL(847)925-6300    LMU0201-081No tests, no homework
Course registration Number (CRN): 50458     Y 106

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This class will help bands & solo artists define their goals, understand their options and ultimately plan a realistic strategy to bring their music/band to the next level and beyond.  Students will walk away from the class with realistic action plan in hand.

This course will have you thinking of yourself as your own virtual company.  Whether it be your own virtual record company, booking agency or publishing company, this DIY approach is necessary for any aspiring musician, singer, songwriter or performer.  It makes perfect sense in these times as you can take the lessons of the past, technology of today and do everything necessary to make money with your music.

“Basic training for aspiring musicians, bands, singers and songwriters”

Key topics will include:
The music business (Then & Now) and what is still pertinent & necessary today
How to record, produce and manufacture a CD
How to get music sold on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and other download sites
Role of ASCAP, BMI and publishing companies
How to build a “community” utilizing the most current media
Including Facebook, My Space, YouTube and artist websites
Role of Independent marketing and promotion companies
Booking and promoting gigs
How record labels get radio airplay
Royalties, mechanicals, copyrights, publishing & standard recording contract basics
The rolls of agents, managers, attorneys & other professionals.

In the past we have had great guest speakers: 
The Regional Promotion Manager for Warner Bros. Records
The President of a National Indie distributor 
The Regional VP of Sales for Sony/BMG 
A successful Music Producer, Recording Artist & Manager
An artist manager and concert promoter
Local recording artists
A music Attorney

Instructor: Jim Manfre

Instructor’s Background:
Music business 35+ years:
Record store manager (1972-1977)
Sales Rep:  MCA Records (1977-1979)
Sales Rep:  Warner Bros. Music group 25 years (1979-2004)
New Business Development Rep:  Baker & Taylor* (2009-2011)
CEO: Proteus Entertainment: Local Chicago Indie label (2001-Present)
*Baker & Taylor is one of the largest CD, DVD & Book Wholesalers in the US

Harper College Class
Palatine, IL

Testimonials from past students...

"Great class.  Excellent for the novice and those that have been at it a while.  Everyone can benefit and add to the discussions.  Provided more clarity to the wild world of the music business and strategy."  Steve V.

"I really loved the class and learned so much in a short time about the music business.  the class gave me a better understanding so that I won't fall into the pit falls of the music business."  Curtis J.

""ARE YOU EXPERIENCED"? Dave C says, Rock your musical world to "SATISFACTION".  Take Jim Manfre's class, "Making Money With Your Music".  You will "COME TOGETHER", with "BITZ AND PIECES" of the years of experience from Jim's "TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS".  "YES" you will find out ''WHO" you are in your musical "JOURNEY".  Well worth the cost of the class, you will get every "NICKLEBACK" as Jim's wisdon becomes a "TOOL" for "U2"!

"Jim and his guest speakers are the real deal;  Where the rubber meets the road in the music business."  Al L.

"Frankly, this is a course that every music student should take. In fact, anyone who is remotely interested in pursuing involvement in music at any level should take this course. That includes people that just want to start a band or write some songs. It provided a straight forward, honest overview (pretty and not-so-pretty) of the ways and strategies in which you can begin to generate interest (public/fan) in your music and possibilities to generate income. An excellent array of guest speakers give inside info and tips on how to approach everything from recording, producing, marketing and manufacturing to booking, liscencing and legal discussion. Mr Manfre's knowledge of the history of Music business and marketing is a treasure of insight. Highly valuable information. Wish I would have had this class years ago."   (Review provided to Harper College)    Steve V.

"Jim and his guest speakers are the real deal;  
Where the rubber meets the road in the music business."  Al L. (former student)
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